iOS 11 is draining batteries and users are angry

Mark Lombard

Mark Lombard

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iOS 11 is having serious problems, battery draining being one of the worst.

Experiencing battery problems after an iOS update is nothing new. It usually sorts itself out after a couple of days, but it seems that iOS 11 is still draining batteries around the world even weeks after the release of an updated version.

Social media keeps being flooded with complaints about the iOS 11 update. It seems that the battery issue is not the only feature that is glitchy with the latest iOS update and users are eagerly awaiting Apple to come up with a solution.

iOS 11 Twitter complaint

iOS 11 Twitter complaint

iOS 11 Twitter complaint iOS 11 Twitter complaint

iOS 11 Twitter complaint iOS 11 Twitter complaint

We are only focusing on the battery glitch for this post, however.

iPad and iPhone batteries might be draining for a couple of reasons:

  • Devices might need a couple of charge or recharge cycles after a new iOS update to re-calibrate the battery charging mechanism.
  • Apples’ desktop search feature, Spotlight, needs time to re-index files on your devices. Because of the large number of files, this might take a couple of days.
  • There’s a lot of background processing going on, such as all apps being updated. This is sure to drain your battery.
  • It might be an iOS 11 glitch. Most users are betting it’s this one.

Whatever the issue is, Apple seems to have a big problem on their hands, even after the release of iOS11.0.2.

Fact is it doesn’t matter whether an update comes with the most amazing new features, if it drains the battery, not only does everyone forget about that, they also can’t use it.

iOS 11 update

Until Apple finds a fix for this particular problem, we have a couple of tips that might help extend your battery life:

Limit energy sucking app usage

Check your iPhone’s battery menu to check which ones these are. Limit the use of the apps at the top of the list as they use the most energy.

Adjust screen brightness

Dim the brightness of your screen or better yet, use the auto brightness setting. This will adjust the screen’s brightness and regulate brightness necessary.

Adjust your screen-lock speed

The faster, the better.

Go onto Low Power Mode

This is only if you’re desperate. Your iPhone would generally recommend this when the device dips to 20% battery to save energy. You can also turn this on manually at any time. This disables a number of battery draining features.

Disable some features manually

Hey Siri

You will still be able to activate Siri, but just not by saying “hello”. It will stop your iPhone from constantly listening to you to pick up on the phrase.

Email fetch

Instead of searching for new emails all the time, it will only do so when you open the email app.

Background refreshes

This will stop apps from refreshing continuously in the background.

Location tracking

Tracking your location drains the battery. Manually choose apps that have access to this functionality.

Here’s hoping that Apple releases another version of the iOS11 update soon that will make users love their devices again.