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Mark Lombard

Mark Lombard

Mark is the founder & CEO at

The dilemma

We know that not all companies are tech companies, but in today’s world all companies MUST use technology to stay competitive. In today’s rapidly evolving economy online purchase decision making has grown year-on-year. 80% of the world’s advertising is now done online. Businesses can become overnight sensations or historic ideas left in the past. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the cost of technology and the revenue it can generate.   We are a creative and dedicated group of individuals who love technology almost as much as we love our customers. We add instant value to our customers by transforming their websites into digital journeys that their customers love. Your digital presence can be much more than an out-of-date point of validation with a contact page. It can create excitement and interest, build new relationships with more customers, and make money whilst you sleep.

What makes us unique is that we don’t take on the usual developer mindset of…

“You need a website? Here’s a website…”

…but rather explore how we can turn those tech costs into revenue generators!   We offer various additional services as part of our ability to assist our customers as a complete technology partner, looking after the digital journeys that communicate with your customers as caringly as you would while sitting with them in a meeting room.