The Beginning of Bragjob

Mark Lombard

Mark Lombard

Mark is the founder & CEO at


We are a creative and dedicated group of individuals who love technology almost as much as we love our customers. We add value to our customers by transforming their websites into digital journeys which their customers love. Your digital presence can be much more than an out of date point of validation with a contact page. It can create excitement and interest, build new relationships with more clients, and make money whilst you sleep. 

Bragjob is about using technology in a positive way to help businesses and entrepreneurs open doors online to reach new customers and make more money. It’s about working with amazing start-ups, entrepreneurs or cool “fresh” businesses who need a technology partner to work with them in growing their business.

Our sweet spot is working with dynamic start-ups to medium-sized businesses where we can make a valuable impact to their companies’ success. Nothing makes us happier than our customers reaching new heights.


A Proudly South Africa Technology Company with a social component.

Bragjob is a proudly South African technology consulting company and IT solutions provider. We believe in creating unique customer experiences through IT innovations. Serving SMEs and large enterprises across the globe, we compliment our customers by acting as an innovation partner ensuring business continuity and customer success. Bragjob specialises in digital transformation services.

Small business’s excite us most, and we go the extra mile to help start-ups and small business who have truly epic solutions to level up their business by giving them access to technology resources which they wouldn’t otherwise be able to. We know our small investment and sacrifice can result in our customers massive success, and we just glad to have front row tickets to watch the show.

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What’s to come.

We benchmark our success on each project we work on. It’s not about immediately dominating the market. It’s about loving the process. Doing great work. Proving our solutions. Growing with our surrounding community. Creating sustainability.